Under-tile Heating Systems

Never step out onto a cold floor again!  Our heated floor systems are comfortable, safe, and economical. And once you have walked on one, you can't live without it!

Just imagine the comfort of stepping onto a warm tile floor in your bathroom or kitchen. At Design Flooring Centre, we can professionally install your heating system so you can enjoy the luxury of the warmth for years to come.

The Flextherm systems are versatile and can be adapted to rooms of any shape or size They require no maintenance, and have a lifespan equal or superior to that of the floor covering. They can be used as a primary heating system, or to supply additional warmth. These systems use a cable of less than 2mm (3/32") in diameter, the smallest in the industry, which was designed from materials developed for the aerospace program. It can be easily installed over the sub-flooring and underneath any type of floor covering without affecting the floor's integrity. The system is then controlled by an electronic thermostat which allows you to regulate room temperature to your optimum comfort level.

For more information on our heated flooring systems, or to book an appointment for a free estimate, please call us at (403) 528-9200.